Farming Practice


  • Site Evaluation
    Ideally South or East facing
    Cooler slopes in stony ground
  • Soil
    Sandy, well drained soil, minimum depth 600 mm
    Acidic soils, ph 3.5 – 4.5 max 5.5
    Low Phosphate count < 20 ppm
    Silt/Loam < 30%
    Clay < 30%
    Together < 30% - aeration and drainage
    Low salts – brackish soils not tolerated
  • Water
    Good fresh water
    Low salinity+ chlorine
  • Soil Preparation
    Rip to 900mm deep if possible.
    Improve drainage and root penetration
  • Irrigation
    Get irrigation specialist to design system
    He will determine pipe sizes and flow rates according to slopes of soil and number of plants per irrigation block
  • Planting
    Planting season - June – August, September latest
    Specific planting procedure to take care of taproot and ensure low mortality rates
  • Irrigation
    Drip irrigation recommended as it provides control of water volume and locality of water at each plant and facilitates localized feeding
    Oct – Dec : Every day
    Jan – March : Every 2nd day.

    Water in evening (after 6pm), pipes cool, cool down soil, topsoil can drain, plant still active and longer without stress.
    Plant is dormant from 9am - 4pm
  • Feeding
    First month, Kelpak with planting, nothing after
    Every week – Buchu food recipe
    In winter Neutrog Bounceback pellets. Once per month
  • Weed Control
    1ST month by hand.
    Grasses: 2% solution Focus/Galant
    Broad Leaf : 2% Sorgomil Gold/ Tyllanex - NB: cover plant before spraying!
  • Pest Control
    plant lice and ants
    “Dopluis” / Hard scale
    Leaf Miner
    Cut worm
  • Harvesting
    • Betulina
      Cut with pruning sheers about 5cm from the ground
      Cut late in summer
    • Crenulata
      Central stem
      Cut like a “Lollypop” about 30-40cm from the ground
      Cut early summer
  • Taking Seed
    Buchu flowers from autumn to spring
    Differs in areas and altitude
    Pick seed when first start “shooting”
    Best to enclose bush and catch seed in bag for 1 month
    Seed is usually ripe early to mid summer
  • Germination
    Sow in trays about 10mm deep in autumn
    Seeds germinate in about 5 – 6 weeks
    Replant when about 3 – 5 cm tall
  • Seedlings
    Our nursery has approximately 150 000 high diosphenol chemotype seedlings for sale each year.